Aspinwall Recycling Program

Trash & Recycling are collected every Tuesday.  
Thanks to Denise Goodwin and her Girl Scouts for this great suggestion for what you can do with your glass recycling. 

DO NOT INCLUDE: Food waste, plastic bags, polystyrene foam cups & containers, hangers or hazardous waste 


**Paper and cardboard must be dry and free of food debris. 

**Tissues, paper towels or other paper that has been in contact with food is not acceptable.

**Make sure food contamination and caps are removed from cans and plastics and all containers are empty.

**Separate plastic lids from plastic bottles (often made from different materials).

**Do not place medical waste (needles, catheters or lancets) into the recycling containers



Do I have to recycle? 
No, it’s voluntary. But we recommend everyone participate as it costs nothing extra to the community and benefits far outweigh the minor inconvenience

How often are they picked up?
Every Tuesday.

Will I still be billed by Aspinwall borough? 
No. Waste Management will be billing residents directly and will send the bills quarterly. 

Where do I put the bin for pick up? 
Place your bin alongside the regular garbage cans. 

What if I have more recyclables than will fit in the bin? 
No. You can place the overflow into a bag and put it with the recycling bin away from the trash cans. 

Do they take any kind of glass? 
Only bottles and jars, all colors. No window glass, mirrors etc… 

Do I have to rinse my cans bottles and plastics? 
Yes, rinse them just enough to remove food residue. This will prevent attracting rodents 

Do I have to remove labels? 
No, you don’t have remove labels on anything, not glass, cans or plastics. 

Do I have to sort the glass plastic and cans? 

Do I have to put my recyclables in trash bag before placing them in the bin? 

No, only overflow that won’t fit in the bin.

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