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Planning Commission

Current Planning Commission

Mr. Nicholas J. Scheid Jr. - Chairman

Mr. Glen Rockhill - Secretary

Patti McCaffrey - Councilperson

Mr. Robert Tenenini 

Mr. Bob Scott

Mr. Nick Evashavik 

Mr. Ed Crates - Borough Building Inspector 

§ 27-704The Planning Commission.

  • The Aspinwall Planning Commission shall be appointed by Borough Council as prescribed by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and Chapter 1, Planning Commission, of this Code.

  • The Planning Commission shall perform the following duties

  • Submit by March 1 of each year a report to Borough Council outlining any substantive or administrative problems that have been identified in this chapter along with recommended changes to correct the problems; and any recommended changes in this chapter to reflect changes in development conditions, land uses, population, public services and facilities or similar conditions.

  • Prepare and make recommendations to Borough Council on proposed amendments to this chapter and the Zoning Map

  • Review and approve or deny all applications for signs, except temporary signs.

  • Review and make recommendations to Borough Council on conditional use applications.

  • Review and make recommendations to the Zoning Hearing Board on applications for variances.

  • Provide technical and consultative assistance to other Borough boards, commissions and officials in exercise of their duties relating to this chapter

  • Maintain accurate and current records of all actions taken by it in relation to the provisions of this chapter.

  • Where requested by the Zoning Officer pursuant to § 27-702 of this chapter, render advice and recommendations on any application.

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