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Police Department
Aspinwall Police Contacts
Department Phone - 412-781-3568
Department Fax - 412-781-2233

Welcome to the Aspinwall Police home page.

The Aspinwall Police provide a variety of public services to our community. The nature of these services varies widely, from educating citizens about crime prevention and responding to automobile accidents, to investigating crimes and apprehending offenders. We maintain a positive and interactive relationship with the community and we proactively prepare for a multitude of incidents. 

The officers of the Aspinwall Police Department are engaging, highly motivated, and dedicated professionals. Please feel free to contact any one of us via our web site.

The Aspinwall Police Department continually evaluates and utilizes best practices and conducts critical reviews to ensure that the department remains current, builds capacity for the future, and delivers the most professional public safety service to the residents and visitors of Aspinwall.

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 Chief David Nemec
Michael Broker
popo 1.jpg
 Deputy Chief Michael Vith



Allegheny County Regional Police Study

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