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Annual Report


'The Civil Service system was established to ensure the maintenance of a merit personnel system to recruit, employ, promote and retain qualified persons for employment with the Borough of Aspinwall. It is the mission of the Civil Service Commission to administer and preserve the merit system while being responsive to the principles of equal opportunity employment and sound labor-management relations."

-ACSC Mission Statement

Published-January 2017


The requirements for establishing a Civil Service Commission in Boroughs is embedded in the Pennsylvania Borough Code (Act 37 of 2014). In late 2015, The Borough of Aspinwall authorized the establishment of the Aspinwall Civil Service Commission. A Public Notice was advertised seeking residents to volunteer to serve on the Commission.


. On February 16, 2016, the Aspinwall Civil Service Commission was formed. Resident volunteers were sworn in and officers elected.


Chairperson: Robert C. McCarthy,Jr.

Vice Chairperson: Nancy Simons

Secretary: Katie Hourvitz

Alternate: Dan Marks


With the guidance of Mr. Bill Gamble, Municipal Policy Testing/Personnel Management Consultant, Police Civil Rules and Regulations were reviewed and adopted by the Commission. This concluded this first official meeting. Rules & Regulations were published and distributed to the public and the Board of Aspinwall.

The Commission Mission Statement and Police Rules & Regulations were added to the Borough of Aspinwall website.


On April 20, 2016, Chief Caplan provided the names of (5) volunteer Chiefs of Police from WPA governments and institutions to comprise the Oral Board. All volunteers were approved and Nancy Simons blindly drew their names for order of contact.


The Commission certified a list of 12 candidates for two open Aspinwall police officer positions. Written and Physical Agility Tests were held on Friday, April 22, 2016 at the Allegheny County Police training facility in North Park .


On August 15, 2016, Ed Watters, an Aspinwall resident, volunteered to join the Commission as an additional Alternate and was sworn in.


The Commission certified an updated eligible list of candidates.


On November 17, 2016, the Commission approved changes to Chapter 4.1 ofthe Police Civil Service Rules and Regulations regarding the position of Police Sergeant.


In conclusion, the Aspinwall Civil Service Commission was established in 2016 in effort to maintain and enhance the integrity of the employment process and to provide Rules & Regulations for service employees to abide by. The Commission will continue to gather at scheduled meetings throughout 2017 in order to address new business concerns and to explore ideas of which could better the overall mission.

Aspinwall Civil Service   


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