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       Aspinwall is a borough on the Allegheny River in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States, and is part of the Pittsburgh Metro Area. It is essentially a residential place. 

        In the mid-1880s, the area which is now Aspinwall was primarily owned by the descendants of James Ross, but as the steel industry was thriving in Pittsburgh, Henry Warner, superintendent of the Allegheny County Workhouse, had the idea of creating a residential community along the bank of a river.

       Warner traveled to New York to discuss the idea with Annie Aspinwall. He purchased 155 acres of land from her and formed the Aspinwall Land Company in 1890. Pittsburghers, mostly from the upper-middle class, purchased lots from the 60 available home sites. By 1890, the town had 400 residents, most of whom were young couples with children. Aspinwall was officially incorporated as a borough on December 28, 1892.


Current Aspinwall News

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PashekMTR and the comprehensive plan committee have finished Phase I of the project. This includes a summary document where we have taken the information gathered in our surveys, public meetings, and interviews, and coalesced around a few themes. In addition, as part 2 of the document, we have included a detailed summary of the questionnaire and public meeting comments to review.

Please review the document and make notes. The project does not end with this report, and we want to stay engaged with the residents and business owners. New ideas and concepts will always be considered and encourage that type of feedback.